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According to the statistics in 2016, potential customers often interact with your company for 6-8 times before purchasing any product. This entire process from browsing to buying, or the so-called customer journey, is when you need to integrate and launch your video marketing strategy.

Simple as it may sound, each customer journey always consists of at least 4 main phases, which requires you to prepare and select unique, corresponding video content. So what are these 4 main phases? And in each phase, which is the best video content you should invest in?


During the Awareness phase, customers realize that they have problems but fail to name these issues or seek for solutions. Therefore, they would love to dig deeper and gain more knowledge. To cater for these needs, your video content should only focus on engaging prospects, providing information they desire and leading them back to your website or company.    

Content: educate prospects about their problems, branding content

Types of video: commercial, About Us, branding video strategy 

The exemplar of this “top of the funnel” campaign is the commercial series of De Lijn.  


The accumulation of information from Awareness allows customers to better understand their situation and start to consider options. This is when the Consideration phase begins. Of course, the prospects would instinctively turn back to where they gained knowledge, including your useful website. Video content plays big roles here as it clearly explains and illustrates how your products or services match viewers’ concerns and help fix the problems once and for all. 

Content: introduce unique features and functions; explain how your products overshadow other competitors'

Types of video: explainer video, 3D animation video (if your company specializes in technical products like cars, mobile phones etc.), FAQ video, product demo

Inbound marketing is a truly competitive industry and Hubspot has risen to its leading role through innovative marketing campaigns, including many explainer videos like the example below: 


Purchase is the most important phase in the Customer Journey – the answer of whether your campaigns and strategies are successful or not. Customers now decide to buy a product or do business with a company they have considered in previous phases, and of course, your goal is to be “that option”, converting prospects into sales. You have to optimize and exploit your video content to grab customers’ attention, convince them that your offer is the best solution available.   

Content: explain how to use your product / service, promotional information, case study, customer testimonials

Types of video: testimonials, commercial, promotional videos, tutorials

Staff and customer testimonials are how SurePayroll Inc. chooses to win the trust of their clients. And it turns out to be a wise move, especially in fields like finance services. 


Many companies are currently ignoring this “beyond the funnel” phase when choosing video content. In average, around 2% of your buyers will become loyal customers as well as active, free of charge ambassadors for your brands. Under no circumstances should you abandon this hard-earned positive impression, even when the buyers have completed their customer journey.  

Content: answer enquiries relating to your services; introduce any new features; random contest for users; exclusive promotions for loyal customers.

Types of video: explainer video, FAQ video, tutorials, thank-you video

Email marketing strategies with videos embedded is the best way to connect with your customers in the Retention phase. And Mailchimp – the most popular email marketing service provider in the world – will show you how to do it correctly.


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